A Common Thread :: Traders

I’ve been working a lot on Spital Hill in Pitsmoor, Sheffield again over the past couple of weeks, photographing more of the people who run businesses and work here. I’ve been based in Burngreave library again – thank you to Mary and Janet especially for all their help.  One of the great things about this project (apart from meeting a lot of very wonderful people) has been seeing the range of things on offer on Spital Hill – it’s kept surprising me as I’ve gone around, and found new things springing up all the time.  I’ve also set up the studio in some very interesting little corners of shops, which I’ve shown here.

The East House has changed owners and become the place to go to for ice cream sundaes on Spital Hill…

East House sundaes…

Blue Sundae

MMXX Ltd, based in Sorby House

The wonderful Lloyds Chemist on Ellesmere Green

Lloyds Chemists again…

Ellesmere Post Office

Lighting set-up in Ellesmere Post Office (after closing time on a Saturday)

U-Turn Travel

Wonderful water melon at Emin Super Market

Lighting in the beer aisle at Emin Supermarket

The world-famous Mangla restaurant on Spital Hill

Lighting the Mangla, before opening time…

There’ll be a post on the official ‘A Common Thread‘ blog site soon too…

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