Twenty :: Eritrea

Today I’m beginning an occasional series of pictures to mark the first twenty years of working as a professional photographer.  I joined Tearfund in the middle of 1992, and made my first professional overseas trip for them in January 1993, visiting Eritrea and Ethiopia (which I wrote about earlier).  I’ll post pictures with some of the story attached over the next few months, and there should be an interesting mix of the stories I’ve photographed.

This first image shows a group of boys sitting on a tank near the old front line between the Eritrean and Ethiopian armies.  The fog and cold surprised me, and there’s a certain bleakness about this which didn’t reflect the mood in Eritrea at the time – there was more an air of quiet hope and optimism about the future. It seems like a good place to start this series, with tensions between Eritrea and Ethiopia remaining, and major human rights issues still unresolved.

Twenty :: Eritrea 1993 :: copyright Tearfund

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Copyright: Tearfund – no reproduction without permission


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