Twenty :: Mexico

‘Twenty’ part 3 :: Mexico 1994

‘Twenty’ is an occasional series to mark the first twenty years of working as a professional photographer.

Jalalpa, Mexico City – I visited this area of Mexico City as part of a report on cities that ran in the Spring 1995 edition of Tear Times.  I love the quote from Saul Cruz, who was one of the founders of Armonia, which at the time was a Tearfund partner. He said:

‘There are three reasons we work in Jalalpa: compassion, obedience and indignation. Compassion for the suffering people, for their needs; obedience to Jesus Christ who has sent us to work among the poor; and indignation, because we get indignant when people created in God’s image suffer in this way’

Seems like a good reason to work somewhere…

This community burnt down some months after we were there, and the residents had to campaign hard to be re-housed somewhere safer, supported by Armonia.

Mexico City :: 1994 :: copyright Tearfund

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

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Photos from this trip featured on the cover and main feature of the Spring 1995 issue of Tear Times.

Spring 1995 Tear Times

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