Twenty :: Tanzania

‘Twenty’ part 12 :: Tanzania 2008

‘Twenty’ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer.

I spent a year in Tanzania straight out of university (in a previous and very short-lived life as an engineer), and love to go back. This trip was with MAF, who fly into remote locations all over the world in light aircraft, carrying aid and health workers, church workers, patients needing emergency treatment.  Their pilots are incredible people, often landing on dirt airstrips and offering a lifeline to people living in some of the hardest to reach places.

We flew from Dodoma to a relatively straightforward grass airstrip at Birise, where there was a medical clinic being held by the airstrip. The nurse on the left is Josephine Mashauri, and the mother, feeling all her daughter’s pain for her, is Astola Simoni.

Can you feel it…? :: Birise, Tanzania 2008 :: copyright Richard Hanson for MAF

Photo: Richard Hanson/MAF

Copyright Richard Hanson – no reuse without permission

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