World Toilet Day (oh yes…)

Well, apparently it’s World Toilet Day, so today is officially the day that you should visit my ‘Pissed Off‘ pages on my website, if you’re ever going to do it… Inspired by the imagination of great architectural luminaries of the past who were forced to think on a smaller scale and create little dens of comfort in our hostile cities, I have attempted to capture as much toilet-related architectural beauty as possible before it is all destroyed by a lumpen commercialism (ouch).

In honour of the day, I urge those of you with the money and the imagination to Twin Your Toilet, via the most wonderful charity ‘Toilet Twinning‘. They’ve done it up and down the M1. They’ve done it in the homes of the powerful. They’ve done it in drafty church halls. They’ve even done it in Portaloos at festivals. And they can do it in your bog-standard netty too. Click here if you feel moved. For the rest of you, here’s a sample from my website. And a chance to reflect on the joys of having your very own plumbed-in loo…

This toilet is electric :: Richmond, N Yorkshire :: photo copyright Richard Hanson

Toilet at Kharkhorin airport, Mongolia 2007 :: photo copyright Richard Hanson

Natal, Brazil, 2007 :: photo copyright Richard Hanson

Vauxhall, London, 2009 :: copyright Richard Hanson

High Force, County Durham, 2009 :: copyright Richard Hanson

The anti-toilet, Ivory Coast, 2012 :: copyright Richard Hanson

Hawes, 2012 :: copyright Richard Hanson

Some of these pictures may have appeared on this blog before, for which I offer no apology…

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield