Twenty :: Zaire

‘Twenty’ part 13 :: Zaire 1995

Twenty‘ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer.

Exactly a year after the Rwandan genocide started, I re-visited Goma, in what was then Eastern Zaire (now Democratic of Congo).  I’ve written before about the refugee camps there, and some of the complexities of the story. It seems relevant, given what’s happening again in the region this week.

This picture shows people sheltering from the rain, and was taken through the front window of our Landrover.  The other pictures are from around the camps.  I’ll possibly post at some point about another visit I did about four years ago, where the camps look remarkably similar, and a lot of the situation for the refugees was basically unchanged.

Rwandan refugees near Goma, Zaire, April 1995 :: copyright Tearfund

Rwandan refugees looking into a health centre, near Goma, Zaire, April 1995 :: copyright Tearfund

Refugee camp north of Goma, Zaire, April 1995 :: copyright Tearfund


Photos copyright Tearfund.  Photos: Richard Hanson – no reuse without permission.

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