Twenty :: Bulgaria

‘Twenty’ part 14 :: Bulgaria 1998

Twenty‘ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer.

Bulgaria in 1998 still felt very recently post-Communist. The architecture was austere, the trams ran on time, and the countryside felt like 100 years ago. I’m using a pair of pictures that jumped out at me going through the archive, due to their symmetry.  I’m not sure exactly where they are, I just know they’re outside Sofia. It felt as though the two boys might just be sitting together in the same place in fifty years time…

Bulgaria 1998 :: copyright Tearfund

Bulgaria 1998 :: copyright Tearfund

As an addendum, we were visiting Bulgaria with a BBC Songs of Praise film crew, along with Tearfund’s most famous supporter, a certain Sir Cliff Richard…  I don’t often get the chance to appear on the front of a newspaper, but as we were coming through the airport in Sofia, I spotted the local photographer lining up a shot of Sir Cliff, so took a small step to my right and put on my best ‘happy to be here’ face. Front page:

Front page in Sofia – I’m just behind Sir Cliff’s suitcase…

You’ve got to grab your moments in the limelight…


Photos copyright Tearfund.  Photos: Richard Hanson – no reuse without permission.

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