Twenty :: India

‘Twenty’ part 15 :: India 1997

Twenty‘ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer.

I visited India with a good friend and colleague Paul, to report on the work of Tearcraft, the trading arm of Tearfund (now called Created – and an excellent place to get your Christmas presents – tell them I sent you). We visited a lot of places, but one that stuck in my mind was Moradabad, where a lot of the brass handicrafts that Tearcraft sold were made.  It was a typical industrial city in many ways – not totally clean, certainly not quiet, but full of determined, intense busy-ness. I think Sheffield probably felt a lot like this before the massive steel mill shut-downs of the 1980s.

Going through the archive, I found this image, which is obviously an early incarnation of something that later became a bit of a travelling obsession for me, becoming a series of pictures called ‘View with a Room’.  It’s not currently on-line, but I still post updates on Facebook from time to time. Basically, a shot from the window or a balcony of what I could see from a room I was staying or working in. Some were really interesting (opening the curtains to see the Mongolian station stop for the Trans Siberian Express was a highlight), but some were lacking in any redeeming feature (the Brazilian room that seemed to open onto an airshaft from the kitchen…). So, this is my Moradabad View with a Room. And the second picture shows a moment of brass craft production.

View with a room, Moradabad, India, 1997 :: copyright Tearfund

Brass making, Moradabad, India, 1997 :: copyright Tearfund

Photos copyright Tearfund.  Photos: Richard Hanson – no reuse without permission.

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