Twenty :: Tanzania

‘Twenty’ part 17 :: Tanzania 1992

Twenty‘ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer.

Most of my photography is of people and the places they live and work in.  This shot is from the very beginning of my interest in photography, when I’d just graduated and was working in central Tanzania as a trainee engineer in a Hospital Technician’s training school in Mvumi (about 35km from Dodoma, the official capital of Tanzania).  The picture was made on a Nikon FE, with a 28mm lens that I’d bought for £10 from a fellow student at Leeds Uni (remarkably usable considering – long gone now, so I’ve no idea what make it actually was). I’d borrowed a Benbo tripod (remember them?) from a doctor working in Dodoma, and went for an early morning hike out along the road to town to get this image of a baobab tree, which I’d driven past dozens of times, and finally got round to photographing.

I liked this shot a lot – it was on my business cards and letterhead when I first started freelancing.  This scan is a little dusty unfortunately, but gives a nice sense of what I was going for.

So, no people today, and a ‘classic’ sunrise shot – but hopefully a slightly different take on how this can be done. And full of memories for me.

Baobab tree, Mvumi, Tanzania, 1992 :: copyright Richard Hanson

Photo copyright Richard Hanson – no reuse without permission.

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