Speed bump

Here we go…  For the techy-minded only I’m afraid, but have now completed the installation of not one, but two, Solid State Drives (SSDs) into my 2009-era MacPro big silver desktop monster machine, and about to do my first edit on the new configuration…  Still tinkering with where folders sit for maximum speed, but the basic principle is that I’ve now got a boot drive connected directly to the mother board (the wonderfully named OWC Mercury Accelsior PCI Express SSD) and another, smaller ‘edit’ drive in one of the four hard drive bays that sit in the main machine.  It’s another OWC drive, but only 120GB, so will be very much a temporary drive.  Both bought from Macupgrade.eu, who were excellent in their service, and I highly recommend them.

If none of that makes sense/is of interest/even registered, don’t worry. But if it did, the person to look to isn’t me but Edmond Terakopian, whose ‘Photo This and That’ blog is constantly full of brilliant things, both technical and creative – this blog post has all you need to know about these bits of kit.

As for speed, I’ll report back – it’ll be more a matter of perception than measured numbers, because I’ve never actually measured how quickly these things tick over, but there was a noticeable lag from image to D3s image in Lightroom (my main processing tool), so if that’s gone, which is my hope, I’ll be happy, and there’s another two years of use lined up for this machine – fantastic!

A little bit of mercury...

A little bit of mercury…


Fast SSD in a caddy for Mac Pro

Boot’s fast.  I’ve dumped my iTunes in the wrong place, but that’s entirely my fault. I’ll have to do a little dig around to make the data all in the right place, but again, that was being a bit lazy.  I’ll go edit and see what I think.


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