Twenty :: Rwanda

‘Twenty’ part 21 :: Rwanda 1998

Twenty‘ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer.

Me and my shadow... :: Rwanda 1998 :: photo Richard Hanson copyright Tearfund

Me and my shadow… :: Rwanda 1998 :: photo Richard Hanson copyright Tearfund

Gitarama, Rwanda, 1998.  Five years after the genocide I was in Rwanda again, reporting on children who had survived the genocide and how they were being offered support to build a life, often with other orphans.  While my colleague Tim spent many hours in intense interviews with children telling their stories of how they survived incredible horror, I was able to hang around with some of the children while they played and started to ignore me. In Gitarama, I had a beautiful evening watching the children playing, and I rather liked the way the light fell here.

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Copyright: Tearfund – no reproduction without permission
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