A Common Thread nearly ready…

The ongoing 154 Collective project I’ve been doing with Fabric Lenny, ‘A Common Thread‘ is entering the final design stages.  We’re hoping it’ll be installed on Saville Street, near the Wicker Arches here in Sheffield in late January or early February. There’s still some final elements to be added, some checking to be done, and some conversations to be had, but I’m delighted to be able to share a little more of where we are now:


Design and art work by Fabric Lenny, photos by Richard Hanson :: Saville Street, Wicker Arches, Sheffield

There’s more to come, including, hopefully pictures of the installation and finished article…

(Obviously the panels above aren’t in the order in which they’ll be installed – though feel free to print it out and try to work out the order they should be in…)


richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield