In the beginning…

Another quick post in the middle of other things…  When I’m travelling, I’m always on the look out for images for my various little personal projects, one of which, as regular readers will know, is toilet architecture (it started off as closed public toilets, hence the title on my website…).

While travelling in Kenya last month there was a ‘stop the car’ moment on our way to visiting a school – could this in fact be the earliest recorded public toilet ever?

Which side are you on boys...? :: photo copyright Richard Hanson

Which side are you on boys…? :: photo copyright Richard Hanson

And just a reminder, for those of you who are interested in all things sanitation-related, one of the best ways of helping improve general levels of toilets world-wide is by twinning your toilet, through the impressively-clearly-named ‘Toilet Twinning‘ website, which is here.


richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield