‘You’re Not Alone’ re-opens at the Workstation

As previously mentioned, Artfelt’s exhibition about the Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, ‘You’re Not Alone‘, has opened for a second showing, at the Workstation.  The opening was on Thursday night, and it looks fantastic – the Workstation is my favourite (non-Museum Sheffield) gallery space in Sheffield, and the light on Thursday showed the building and pictures off to their absolute best.

So, here’s a small selection of pictures from the opening, and the exhibition itself – Shaun Bloodworth‘s pictures are also on display down at Sheffield Station in two of the waiting rooms, which really extends the reach of the exhibition.  My pictures are mainly on the ground floor, alongside a continuous loop of the sixteen short films I made about the staff and their work.  Andy Brown’s pictures of patients, and their experience are on the first floor, with a couple of little extra bits of mine – I’m particularly pleased with the ‘grid books’ of images from the A&E nurses station. I bolted a camera to the wall and set it to automatically take a picture every ten minutes for 24 hours – they’re now in beautiful books made by the wonderful people at the Cafeteria, hanging from the ceiling – very nice!

The exhibition runs until June 1st on weekdays during working hours – if you’re coming to have a look, drop me an email and if I’m free I might pop down and say hello!

You're Not Alone exhibition, Workstation, Sheffield :: photo: Richard Hanson

You’re Not Alone exhibition, Workstation, Sheffield :: photo: Richard Hanson

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The mezzanine floor with Andy’s pics and a glamorous opening night crowd :: photo: Richard Hanson

3063-0091 web_Snapseed

The A&E timelapse book in its elegant ‘dangling’ mode :: photo: Richard Hanson

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Jess reading the A&E time lapse book :: photo: Richard Hanson

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A&E timelapse book :: photo: Richard Hanson


3063-0016 web_Snapseed

My staff stories :: photo: Richard Hanson

3063-0047 web_Snapseed

Andy photographing his work on the mezzanine :: photo: Richard Hanson

3063-0045 web_Snapseed

Andy’s ‘Being Brave’ series :: photo: Richard Hanson

3063-0041 web_Snapseed

Pictures taken by Eden showing her life as a patient :: photo: Richard Hanson



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