Vote for Integrity Action!

This year has been full of very exciting projects – I’ve just returned from my fourth overseas visit since January, and there’s a lot more interesting stuff coming up – hence very few blog posts, as I’ve been busy…

A good part of the travel has been with the NGO Integrity Action, in Palestine, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan.  Integrity Action works alongside poor and marginal communities providing support and resources to assist people to access the services that their own governments have promised to deliver – in infrastructure (medical centres, roads, schools), services (social care, water supply, rubbish collection) and local government.

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan for Integrity Action

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan for Integrity Action :: photo: Richard Hanson

It’s been really encouraging seeing how powerful this approach can be – seeing people empowered to change their own communities, and the significant difference this makes.

One of the things that’s been great for me is to shoot a good chunk of video and see it used well – particularly at this stage in Integrity Action’s pitch for the Google Global Impact Challenge.  This is a competition for a grant to develop technology to support the work of the various organisations pitching their ideas.  If you get the chance before 31 May (and that’s pretty soon…), watch the video (all the overseas stills and footage were shot by me) and vote for Integrity Action!  As I post this, the video has been viewed over 145,000 times according to YouTube – which isn’t bad in ten days or so… [EDIT: 1 June – now up to 195,000 views…]

Here’s the page to vote [EDIT: 1 June – voting now complete, so you can’t vote any more]


And here’s the video on YouTube:

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield