twenty :: pitsmoor

Twenty: a selection of images from my first twenty years as a professional photographer.

It’s Sunday morning, so what better than a church garden party…?

This is where I live – Pitsmoor in Sheffield.  The summer we moved here, in 2000, it was wet and windy, and we were in a state of limbo, waiting to move into our home at the end of August, but having to rent for a few months first. Our children were very young, and we were able to spend quite a bit of time together as a family, which was lovely.

One of my indulgences (‘investments’) was a second hand Leica M6 with a 35mm f2 Sumicron lens – a beautiful beautiful object, which is still the most elegant and pleasing object I’ve owned.  I spent the summer shooting test shots and working out how to focus, re-learning how to see in a Leica way.

This is from the garden party at Christ Church Pitsmoor that summer.  I’ve been around that church now for the next 13 years, and I don’t recognise a single person in the picture! But I rather love the composition and shapes and reflections and juxtapositions.

Christ Church Garden Party, 2000 :: photo copyright Richard Hanson

Christ Church Garden Party, 2000 :: photo copyright Richard Hanson


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