twenty :: rwanda

Twenty is a series of images from the first twenty years of my photography career.

This is the partner photo to yesterday’s (it’s in the same location), and in many is also about love, or at least a caring community.

I don’t remember the name of the Tearfund partner who were doing this, but the story of what they were doing is one that I’ve told often. This compound houses eight households, living around a courtyard.  The mix is significant.  There were child-headed households, where the parents had been killed in the genocide of 1994; grandparents looking after their children’s children, after the middle generation had died of HIV; and a pastor and his family from the local church. Vulnerable families caring for each other, with support.  I thought it was a fantastic model of how things can be done.

I also like this picture, because it’s complex – it’s another that’s on the wall of our home – with lots going on in lots of different directions. Nothing is quite straightforward, and for once a super wide angle allows a little of everything into the picture.

Kigali, Rwanda, 1999 :: photo Richard Hanson, copyright Tearfund

Kigali, Rwanda, 1999 :: photo Richard Hanson, copyright Tearfund

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