twenty :: mali

Twenty: a series of images from my first twenty years as a photojournalist.

I actually posted a colour version of a similar shot to this back in November or so, so this is cheating a little, but it seemed like a perfect Saturday morning sort of picture – very languid and laid back. So, not a million miles from Timbuktu, here’s a ferry on the Niger river. Travelling down the river on a wooden boat with a dodgy engine (and a cooking fire in depths, apparently directly on the wooden keel), with Mike Hollow and Terry Gibson, two long-standing and most-excellent travelling companions, wrestling with satphones and the very earliest incarnation of digital photography as we attempted to upload a daily blog, breaking down and gliding into the river bank, and just waiting until someone came past who could offer us the piece of bicycle inner tube that somehow meant we could continue. A journey that was unbelievable at the time and, given the current situation in Mali, would be unrepeatable now. One of those moments of extreme privilege and wonder I’ve had with my work.

River Niger, Mali, 1998 (?) :: photo Richard Hanson copyright Tearfund

River Niger, Mali, 1998 (?) :: photo Richard Hanson copyright Tearfund

One more black and white shot tomorrow.


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