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‘Proud to be a Burngreave lad…’

I’d not seen this, but Tim had rescued it from the Sheffield Star’s new iPad app – this is from March, at the launch of ‘A Common Thread’ on Saville Street in Sheffield… Continue reading

Spital Hill: A Common Thread – complete!

Following Wednesday’s post about the installation of the ‘Spital Hill: A Common Thread’ artwork (by Fabric Lenny and hansonphoto) on Saville Street in Sheffield, the install is now complete – here’s pictures from… Continue reading

Spital Hill: a common thread – up it goes…

Nearly a year on from being commissioned, the huge artwork ‘Spital Hill: A Common Thread’ is nearly complete.  Fabric Lenny and I have been working on this since spring last year, and today… Continue reading

A Common Thread nearly ready…

The ongoing 154 Collective project I’ve been doing with Fabric Lenny, ‘A Common Thread‘ is entering the final design stages.  We’re hoping it’ll be installed on Saville Street, near the Wicker Arches here… Continue reading

Spital Hill :: on the way…

The ongoing work on Spital Hill/Saville Street here in Sheffield, that I’m working on with Fabric Lenny, is continuing on – we’re hoping to be nearing completion soon, and are both very excited… Continue reading

A Common Thread :: Traders

I’ve been working a lot on Spital Hill in Pitsmoor, Sheffield again over the past couple of weeks, photographing more of the people who run businesses and work here. I’ve been based in… Continue reading

A Common Thread progress

While I’ve been away on holiday, Fabric Lenny has been working on the designs for the Common Thread project for Spital Hill here in Sheffield.  He’s just posted them on the Common Thread… Continue reading

A Common Thread :: Library

I spent the day shooting more portraits for the Common Thread project on Spital Hill using the wonderful Burngreave Library. Here’s a quick look at some of the shots (with more to come):… Continue reading

A Common Thread in the Star

Colin Drury at the Star newspaper here in Sheffield picked up on my post last week about the Burngreave ‘A Common Thread‘ project, and ran an article in today’s Sheffield Star – here… Continue reading

A Common Thread :: first designs

‘Spital Hill :: A Common Thread‘ is a project that I’m working on with Fabric Lenny and Yvonne Roberts, here in Burngreave, Sheffield. The first draft designs (still being worked on extensively by… Continue reading

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