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Did it bump for you…?

Just bear with me here for a moment – normal non-techy service will be resumed as soon as possible… (and this really is techy – sorry). Can I recommend that if you’re not… Continue reading

Sunshine after the rain

This was last night in Sheffield – I put it up on Facebook (apologies if you’ve already seen it there), and a lot of people liked it, so here it is slightly more… Continue reading

App(le) collage

Thanks to my daughter Jess for pointing out this rather weird little app to me ( – quite fun if a little odd:     All made just by pointing their website at… Continue reading

Apple petition

I don’t normally post petition links on this blog. But I’m a big Mac user – lots of things here, from mac pros to iPads. And Apple have been making headlines for a… Continue reading

iPhone 4 gallery :: north

And finally, here’s the third batch of iPhone4 pictures that I’ve shot over the past three months – these are from Liverpool, Doncaster, Leeds, the Peak District, and I’m sure, other corners of… Continue reading

From the monstrously sublime to the tinily ridiculous…

After all that D3s reviewing, here’s a little gallery of images from the wonderful iPhone 4 – not the world’s greatest camera, but with some wonderful little apps, a huge amount of  fun.… Continue reading

sad mac redeemed…

A week ago my early-2008 MacPro died out of the blue. Just a gentle whirring and few lights, but nothing actually happening. I took it in to the good people of the Apple… Continue reading

MobileMe thanks

I started a long and involved post explaining how MobileMe support had sorted out my terrible calendar/iCal/iPhone syncing problems when I moved from my Palm Treo, but I even I was getting bored… Continue reading

Starting again…

This is to begin. Again. I’ve been posting at for a while, but due to the design of the site, I’m not able to post while away from my office – as… Continue reading

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