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twenty :: pitsmoor

Twenty: a selection of images from my first twenty years as a professional photographer. It’s Sunday morning, so what better than a church garden party…? This is where I live – Pitsmoor in… Continue reading

Shedding a little light… [EDIT]

[EDIT – changes made and conclusions drawn after real field use] Lastolite EZBox vs Westcott Apollo: I’ve written a lot about bags. The other thing that a lot of we photographers spend countless… Continue reading

Not Art book

Well, seeing as we’re doing books, here’s another one: Not Art by Richard Hanson | Make Your Own Book The book is called ‘Not Art’, which was my response to one of the… Continue reading

In praise of St Paul’s

It’s a quiet week in terms of jobs booked, after a very busy spell.  One of the things I’ve learnt over many years of freelancing is that there are two responses (or maybe… Continue reading

iPhone 4 gallery :: north

And finally, here’s the third batch of iPhone4 pictures that I’ve shot over the past three months – these are from Liverpool, Doncaster, Leeds, the Peak District, and I’m sure, other corners of… Continue reading

iPhone 4 gallery :: south

I’ve been up and down the country throughout the winter and early spring, doing some really great jobs with a whole range of different clients.  And on the way, I’ve been shooting pics… Continue reading

Lumedyne Ring Flash [repost]

Originally posted 21.11.08 I’ve been really busy over the past few weeks, so haven’t posted much, but I just received my new ring flash this morning, and thought I’d just post a couple… Continue reading

Crete wedding [repost]

{Originally posted on 12.06.09] Very occasionally I do a wedding. I used to do loads, when I was on staff at Tearfund, as they were a way of earning money for camera gear… Continue reading

End of Kodachrome…

Just a link today, to the New York Times and their coverage of the final day of processing for Kodachrome, one of the great films ever (as everyone says – I shot Ektachrome… Continue reading

Tilt shift in Barnsley

And having shown tilt-shift shots from the iPhone, here’s a few from this weekend in Barnsley, shot on the Nikon 24mm T/S lens that I bought earlier this year for a project that… Continue reading

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