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Did it bump for you…?

Just bear with me here for a moment – normal non-techy service will be resumed as soon as possible… (and this really is techy – sorry). Can I recommend that if you’re not… Continue reading

Speed bump

Here we go…  For the techy-minded only I’m afraid, but have now completed the installation of not one, but two, Solid State Drives (SSDs) into my 2009-era MacPro big silver desktop monster machine,… Continue reading

Two light portrait set up

In yesterday’s post about the new issue of Review magazine at Sheffield Hallam, I showed a page of images that were taken at an awards ceremony for Inspiring Teachers and Staff at the… Continue reading

Shedding a little light… [EDIT]

[EDIT – changes made and conclusions drawn after real field use] Lastolite EZBox vs Westcott Apollo: I’ve written a lot about bags. The other thing that a lot of we photographers spend countless… Continue reading

newswear vs think tank pouches – which one works?

[A while ago I wrote about bags, and suggested that if you weren’t interested in photography bags, you probably shouldn’t bother reading the piece.  Same goes here – if you don’t know what… Continue reading

Revised website (again)

Earlier this year, I upgraded my website to a very lovely-looking CMD (Creative Motion Design) hosted and designed site, using a theme of theirs called (delightfully) ‘Gavin‘.  It looked great – very smooth… Continue reading

iPhone 4 gallery :: north

And finally, here’s the third batch of iPhone4 pictures that I’ve shot over the past three months – these are from Liverpool, Doncaster, Leeds, the Peak District, and I’m sure, other corners of… Continue reading

iPhone 4 gallery :: south

I’ve been up and down the country throughout the winter and early spring, doing some really great jobs with a whole range of different clients.  And on the way, I’ve been shooting pics… Continue reading

hansonphoto on iPad and iPhone

One of the great things about the CMD web design service is that as well as the main flash based site (which obviously has problems in terms of compatibility with iOS devices as… Continue reading

Lumedyne Ring Flash [repost]

Originally posted 21.11.08 I’ve been really busy over the past few weeks, so haven’t posted much, but I just received my new ring flash this morning, and thought I’d just post a couple… Continue reading

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