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Ethiopian night light :: how it was made

I’ve recently launched a new blog, especially for the series of toilet architecture pictures (aka ‘Pissed Off‘ from my main website) that I’ve been working on in a low key sort of way… Continue reading

Twenty :: Tanzania

‘Twenty’ part 17 :: Tanzania 1992 ‘Twenty‘ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer. Most of my photography is of people and the places… Continue reading

newswear vs think tank pouches – which one works?

[A while ago I wrote about bags, and suggested that if you weren’t interested in photography bags, you probably shouldn’t bother reading the piece.  Same goes here – if you don’t know what… Continue reading

In praise of St Paul’s

It’s a quiet week in terms of jobs booked, after a very busy spell.  One of the things I’ve learnt over many years of freelancing is that there are two responses (or maybe… Continue reading

Lumedyne Ring Flash [repost]

Originally posted 21.11.08 I’ve been really busy over the past few weeks, so haven’t posted much, but I just received my new ring flash this morning, and thought I’d just post a couple… Continue reading

Crete wedding [repost]

{Originally posted on 12.06.09] Very occasionally I do a wedding. I used to do loads, when I was on staff at Tearfund, as they were a way of earning money for camera gear… Continue reading

DR Congo – Kibumba revisited [repost]

[First posted 13.05.09] Behind the page – i Behind the page is going to be an occasional series of stories about the making of pictures, some of the things that were significant in… Continue reading

Tilt shift in Barnsley

And having shown tilt-shift shots from the iPhone, here’s a few from this weekend in Barnsley, shot on the Nikon 24mm T/S lens that I bought earlier this year for a project that… Continue reading

D3s upgrade from D3

About three weeks ago I rather cryptically said that it was my last D3 day, but didn’t really follow that up with any more useful thoughts.  Since then I’ve been rather busy (or… Continue reading

Final D3 day…

Just quickly – new camera tomorrow – a rare occasion (three years since the last pro-body for me)! 200000 frames from my loyal and trustworthy D3, welcome to the new shiny D3s from… Continue reading

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