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twenty :: pitsmoor

Twenty: a selection of images from my first twenty years as a professional photographer. It’s Sunday morning, so what better than a church garden party…? This is where I live – Pitsmoor in… Continue reading

Like a tree, standing by the water’s edge…

I’m now a week into treatment for leukaemia [posted on 16 June 2013].  This won’t become a medical blog – too much of this is too personal and needs to be worked through… Continue reading

‘I’m not old, I’m beautiful…’

I don’t really want the last thing on my blog for a while to be something just about me.  So, here’s a photo of a woman whose words have stuck with me.  I… Continue reading

The impossible post

This is a post that’s rather more about me than normal (though a lot of my blog posts do just show nice work that I’ve done).  This is more personal, and not much… Continue reading

The final countdown…

I have a number of little personal projects that trot along while the rest of my professional life gallops in the fast lane of fame and glory. Really.  Unfortunately for family, friends, colleagues… Continue reading

In the beginning…

Another quick post in the middle of other things…  When I’m travelling, I’m always on the look out for images for my various little personal projects, one of which, as regular readers will… Continue reading

Lighting test…

Long gap between posts = lots of work…  This is just a quick post of a lighting test I did the other day (thanks Huw…), with a little bit of light painting on… Continue reading

A little bit edgy…

New year and all that stuff – here’s a some pics for my ‘edge‘ and ‘pissed off‘ projects taken on Boxing Day up in Tynemouth and Whitley Bay with family, whilst also working… Continue reading

Walk in the woods

A walk in Whirlow Park, Sheffield, pre-Christmas: richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield .

A postcard from the Vice Versa Hotel

Let me get one thing straight from the start.  I didn’t actually stay in the Hotel Vice-Versa. But I nearly did (well, I stayed just down the road), and it was such a… Continue reading

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