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The twitterati celebrate the Natwivity

So, in terms of playing with the word ‘Twitter’, we’ve had some horrors (Twitterati being one), but Natwivity is a bit of a push (only really having three letters related to the word… Continue reading

Blue two :: Shropshire

Just a late-summer’s evening picture for this Sunday evening, from our recent trip to Shropshire. Could be part of a blue themed set of pictures…     richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield… Continue reading

Random weekend thought

Haven’t had one of these for a while… Do not sit on the fence… Somewhere near Windsor, a year or three ago. richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield

App(le) collage

Thanks to my daughter Jess for pointing out this rather weird little app to me ( – quite fun if a little odd:     All made just by pointing their website at… Continue reading

New thing

Random picture for today (just because): It’s a good name… Think I’ll call my next company ‘Awesome’.   richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield

I am a bird now…

I’ve been looking through some Christmas-time pictures, and this one just popped out, from Endcliffe Park late last year – so here’s a random weekend picture… richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield

154 Barnsley lift

Just had a little trip up to Barnsley to meet with Fabric Lenny and Yvonne from the 154 Collective about an interesting thing that’s on its way (more about the exhibition on the… Continue reading

newspapers: who needs them?

There’s a lot of (well deserved) ire being poured out on newspapers in general, and tabloids in particular at the moment.  I still buy a daily paper (you might perhaps have a clue… Continue reading

random weekend pictures :: Lantern Theatre

There’s been no random weekend thoughts so far this year, for no apparent reason (except maybe that the news has felt a bit serious for random thoughts…).  So here, instead of a random… Continue reading

Random weekend thought :: image makers, image takers

After drinks with a bunch of other Sheffield photographers this week, someone suggested ‘Image Makers, Image Takers’ (Anne-Celine Jaeger 2007 Thames & Hudson). I’m only a few interviews in, but there’s a lot… Continue reading

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