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SHU lighting workshop

Just a big thanks to all the SHU Photography BA and MA students who came along and worked so hard on my location lighting workshop during Specialist Week – looking forward to working… Continue reading

On the stage

Don’t often post pictures of myself, but here are two from Greenbelt 12 of me on stage during my GTV talk.  Pics are by (and copyright to) Drew McLellan under a Creative Commons… Continue reading

Greenbelt 2012

What’s the last thing you’re going to do at Greenbelt 2012? Assuming that is, that you’re going… (if you have no idea what this is about, have a look at the website here). … Continue reading

154 Photography Workshop

I’ve been working with the 154 Collective in Barnsley for the past couple of months, and two weeks ago I ran a photography workshop at the Cooper Gallery. There’s a sequence of images… Continue reading

The descent of man…

On Saturday last week I led a photography workshop as part of the 154 Collective‘s exhibition at the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley. I had a great day, and will be posting some of… Continue reading

Training in the rain…

So yesterday was an excellent day working with Tearfund staff, training a group of them to take better pictures.  I love doing training courses, and this was the full-on version – all day… Continue reading

Travel, writing and the ethics of observation

In two weeks time I’m going to be speaking as part of Lancaster University’s ‘Travel, writing and the ethics of observation‘ workshop and seminar.  I worked with the Centre for Transcultural Writing and… Continue reading

‘Me and Pictures’ project [repost]

[Originally posted 22.01.09] The last two months have been enormously busy with a bigvoicemedia project called ‘me and pictures’. I’ve been working with Paul and Yvonne (also from CMedia) and a number of… Continue reading

Come and hear me talk (again…)

I’m going to be talking about my work (including the Scars Exhibition and my recent trips to Haiti) at the Ecclesall Arts Festival in a couple of weeks time. I’m speaking on the… Continue reading

Come to Leeds and hear me talk…

I’m going to be speaking at an ‘Exposure Leeds’ event on May 5th.  I’ll be talking about my work, starting with my recent Haiti trip, but covering a wide range of subjects. The info on… Continue reading

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