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New website, new email

My new CMD website (theme’s called Gavin for some reason….) is going live – therefore I’ve not got my normal email today as things are dropping into their places. So for today (and… Continue reading

civil liberties :: and a church…

So today the BJP reports that Grant Smith, a freelance photographer, was briefly arrested for taking pictures of a church next to the Merrill Lynch bank building in London. This is after all… Continue reading

civil liberties :: christmas lights threat now…

Watch out for the plastic Santa… Photographer (amateur) quizzed by police for taking ‘too many’ photos. Of Christmas Lights. In Burgess Hill. Oops. Story here.

civil liberties :: sunset threat…

Just another rather depressing story about the paranoia in this country about photographers, and plain stupidity from unthinking policing. Jeff Overs, the BBC staff photographer, who photographs for, amongst other things, the Andrew… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Rainbow’s End

Our local charity shop, Rainbow’s End, which raises money for community groups in Burngreave, is about to celebrate it’s first anniversary. It’s run by volunteers, many of them from Christchurch Pitsmoor. I’ve just… Continue reading

The Digital Journalist :: why good content costs

For the last few years, one of my favourite websites has been the Digital Journalist. It’s led the way in showing what can be done on-line in terms of visual digital story-telling, and… Continue reading

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