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Ivory Coast appeal

While I’ve got a bit of time on my hands, I’m going to re-start the ‘twenty‘ series from late last year, showcasing individual images from the first twenty years of my work.  I’ll… Continue reading

In the beginning…

Another quick post in the middle of other things…  When I’m travelling, I’m always on the look out for images for my various little personal projects, one of which, as regular readers will… Continue reading

A little bit edgy…

New year and all that stuff – here’s a some pics for my ‘edge‘ and ‘pissed off‘ projects taken on Boxing Day up in Tynemouth and Whitley Bay with family, whilst also working… Continue reading

More Natwivity joy

Really enjoying the Natwivity (Twitter Nativity), which is being supported by Tearfund photos – very impressed with the depth of the edit, as there’s a lot of pictures appearing that I’ve not seen used… Continue reading

Light of the World :: Gaby at 50

New addition to the Light of the World pages on my website from Gaby’s surprise 50th on Saturday… Taken at the Scout Hut in Burngreave.   richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield

The twitterati celebrate the Natwivity

So, in terms of playing with the word ‘Twitter’, we’ve had some horrors (Twitterati being one), but Natwivity is a bit of a push (only really having three letters related to the word… Continue reading

Eye Eye

We just had a great weekend in London with some very special people. I’ve never been on the London Eye before, so this was an extra treat of a day out. There’s a… Continue reading

Count :: 15 + 91

My ongoing ‘Count‘ project draws ever closer to its ending… This week, 15 and 91 – there’s only six to go: 59, 71, 84, 92, 96, 99. Then it’ll all be over… Here,… Continue reading

A Common Thread :: Library

I spent the day shooting more portraits for the Common Thread project on Spital Hill using the wonderful Burngreave Library. Here’s a quick look at some of the shots (with more to come):… Continue reading

New look

This blog has been around for a while, and has, at least in its own terms, been pretty succesful – nearly 24000 views so far.  Anyone who’s ever been here before will notice… Continue reading

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