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Like a tree, standing by the water’s edge…

I’m now a week into treatment for leukaemia [posted on 16 June 2013].  This won’t become a medical blog – too much of this is too personal and needs to be worked through… Continue reading

The impossible post

This is a post that’s rather more about me than normal (though a lot of my blog posts do just show nice work that I’ve done).  This is more personal, and not much… Continue reading

Last hurrah for ‘Not Alone’?

Nice little review in ‘Exposed‘ Mag here in Sheffield – final day of the You’re Not Alone exhibition with Shaun Bloodworth and Andy Brown, and the wonderful Artfelt.  Sad to see it go,… Continue reading

‘You’re Not Alone’ re-opens at the Workstation

As previously mentioned, Artfelt’s exhibition about the Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, ‘You’re Not Alone‘, has opened for a second showing, at the Workstation.  The opening was on Thursday night, and it looks fantastic –… Continue reading

‘You’re Not Alone’ exhibition re-opens today

This evening is the opening of the ‘You’re Not Alone‘ exhibition at Sheffield’s Workstation.  This is a collaborative exhibition of photographs by myself, Andy Brown and Shaun Bloodworth, featuring work we each made… Continue reading

Children’s Hospital at the station

A quick flashback to the ‘You’re Not Alone‘ exhibition, as there’s currently a lot of promotion for The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield city station. My picture of the Embrace Ambulance crew before going… Continue reading

Julie Bailey :: You’re not Alone

This is the final image and video from the ‘You’re not Alone’ exhibtion, which only has two more weeks in the Long Gallery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital before coming down.  If you’d like… Continue reading

Rachel Staden :: You’re not Alone video

This is the second to last of the main set of stories from the exhibition ‘You’re not Alone’ which is continuing in the Long Gallery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. This week’s photo and… Continue reading

Angela Hamblett :: You’re not Alone video

We’re close to the end of both this set of posts and the first version of the exhibition ‘You’re not Alone’, currently still showing in the Long Gallery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The… Continue reading

Iqra Besharat :: You’re not Alone video

The exhibition ‘You’re not Alone’ is continuing in the Long Gallery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  Today’s photo and video interview features Iqra Besharat, who is a trainee pharmacy technician, working across the hospital, providing… Continue reading

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