Bringing Wall Street Trading Signals, Algorithms & News to Crypto

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    $15 Million Raise Only, Bonuses For Early Participants & Ex-Wall Street Team means a better chance for momentum for some serious ETH to be raised.
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    Functioning MVP Developed. Beta version detects bots in the market, abnormal trading volumes, & exchange arbitrage opportunities to help you trade smarter.
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    Cutting through the noise of Reddit and Telegram is tedious. With new ICOs being announced daily, it's taking longer and getting riskier to find winners. Get Wall Street quality trading algorithms and market news to gain an edge for your Crypto Investing.


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    $15 million raise only, 70% Bonus For Early Participants & Ex-Wall Street team means a better chance for momentum for some serious ETH to be raised.
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    Working prototype developed. Beta version can detect use of trading bots in the market, which cause you to pay higher prices in your trades.
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    Cutting through the noise of Reddit and Telegram is tedious. With new ICOs being announced daily, it's taking longer and getting riskier to find winners. Get Wall Street quality trading algorithms and market news to gain an edge for your Crypto Investing.

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Predicting Coins About To Moon

Discover how abnormally high trading volume can act as a leading indicator that something is about to affect crypto prices.

In this video we take a look at NEO’s actual charts to show how this trading signal could have helped you lock in a 50% profit in 12 hours.

Detecting Bots in the Market

Is botting even allowed in crypto investing?

That's one of the darker sides of decentralization... Everything is allowed and there are many unfair advantages against you.

This video will show you not only how to recognize bots during your trading, but how to beat them..

Arbitraging Crypto Exchanges

Discover how you can arbitrage between exchanges and make risk-free money. These arbitrage loopholes will eventually close but at the moment you can make 2-3% return on each trade, risk free.

Maybe you’re thinking, 2-3%? Why should I bother trying to squeeze out 2-3% profit on a trade? This video is perfect for you then...

Bonuses & Structure



First Round 

Jan 15 - 21

20% bonus


Second Round 

Jan 22 - Jan 28

15% bonus


Third Round 

Jan 29 - Feb 4

10% bonus


  • FIRST HOUR - Crowd sale participants receive a 5% bonus on contributed funds (capped at 5 ETH).


  • TOKEN SUPPLY - 300,000,000 This is an approximation of the token supply based on the estimated pre-sale bonus amount that will be redeemed by participants. Final token supply may vary slightly based on the actual bonus amount issued.
  • VALUE - 1 CoinFi Token = $0.10 USD initial offering price
  • TOKEN SALE - Soft Cap of $3 million USD, Hard Cap of $15 million USD 
  • ACCEPTED INVESTMENT - Ethereum (ETH) only

CoinFi Will Bring Wall Street Trading Algorithms to the Crypto Market

Detect Abnormal Market Movements

Identify whale price manipulation and coins that are about to moon. 

Price, volume, social signals, and news, will be fed into models overlaid with machine learning algorithms to output intelligent trading signals so you can gain an edge and execute winning trades 

Wall Street Level Trading Algorithms

CoinFi algorithms are designed by Wall Street professionals to use statistical arbitrage modeling to give you the "best execution" price.

With an average savings of 0.5% per trade, if you trade once per day, you'll get an additional ROI of 182% a year.

centralizing Crypto news

To answer: "what are the coins in the last 24 hours that have abnormal price and volume?" You'd need to  hunt across Slack, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

The CoinFi database will enable users to monitor and analyze real-time crypto market news in ONE place.

Decentralizing Wall Street

News, signals, financial models, trading signals and algorithms should be shared with you and the entire community, not reserved for elites.

The CoinFi token economy is a sustainable ecosystem paying researchers, analysts, and coders to contribute.

Meet the CoinFi Team:

HAN CHANG  //  Co-Founder

Master's in Computer Science from Boston University. Early Bitcoin investor, founded a Chinese Bitcoin exchange; previously at MIT Lincoln Labs, OkCupidLabs, and Lime Brokerage. 8+ years of professional experience developing web applications serving 10M+ users as well as writing black box equity trading algorithms.

Timothy Tam  //  Co-Founder

10+ years in equities trading and hedge funds. Started his career in Goldman Sachs Asia, before working as a senior trader in two Asia hedge funds each with $1+ billion assets under management. In his last role he was co-founder of an Asia Long Short Hedge Fund that specialized in event trading.

NATE TSANG  //  Co-Founder

Holds a Juris Doctor from UAlberta Law. 7+ years of experience as a growth hacker in media startups as well as developing multiple web properties that have cumulatively grown from zero to 10M+ pageviews. Cofounder of a keyword intelligence platform for digital marketers, acquired in 2016.


Ex-Goldman Sachs, Lazard, & Highland Capital investment banker; principal investor in charge of deploying over $300M of capital; currently General Partner at Wired Investors in charge of the Digital Asset & Crypto Private Equity Strategy. Strategic advisor for many successful ICOs including Polymath and  Chronologic


Graduate of Harvard with 12+ years legal experience in New York and Asia. Advised Wall Street firms on M&A, US & HK Corporate and Securities Law. Erika was the Head of Legal, Corporate Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer for Pine River Capital, a $11 Billion USD hedge fund.

Alexander Svanevik

Data Engineering Manager at Schibsted Media Group, 8+ years of experience currently leading a group of 7 data scientists to create business value from data. Fluent in 5 languages; experienced crypto trader who runs ICO Whitelists.


Graduate of Harvard Business School and has worked as a Senior Product Manager in General Assembly, an education startup that has raised a total of $120M. Currently at Two Sigma, a $51 billion investment firm that makes decisions based on data science.


Distribution Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley seed fund that was an early stage investor in companies like Twilio, Credit Karma, and Grab. Previously, lead growth marketer at 42Floors.


Previously the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manager at Paypal and AirBnB and is the founder of Clickminded, a marketing education firm; responsible for driving exponential organic growth in online traffic for several multinational corporations.

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