‘Proud to be a Burngreave lad…’

I’d not seen this, but Tim had rescued it from the Sheffield Star’s new iPad app – this is from March, at the launch of ‘A Common Thread’ on Saville Street in Sheffield… Continue reading

‘You’re Not Alone’ re-opens at the Workstation

As previously mentioned, Artfelt’s exhibition about the Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, ‘You’re Not Alone‘, has opened for a second showing, at the Workstation.  The opening was on Thursday night, and it looks fantastic –… Continue reading

‘You’re Not Alone’ exhibition re-opens today

This evening is the opening of the ‘You’re Not Alone‘ exhibition at Sheffield’s Workstation.  This is a collaborative exhibition of photographs by myself, Andy Brown and Shaun Bloodworth, featuring work we each made… Continue reading

The final countdown…

I have a number of little personal projects that trot along while the rest of my professional life gallops in the fast lane of fame and glory. Really.  Unfortunately for family, friends, colleagues… Continue reading

Smoke on the water (well, nearly…)

I’ve just been digging through a bunch of old pictures looking for something for a client, and ran across a lot of things that I liked (Hey, I like my own pictures! Phew…). … Continue reading

In the beginning…

Another quick post in the middle of other things…  When I’m travelling, I’m always on the look out for images for my various little personal projects, one of which, as regular readers will… Continue reading

Lighting test…

Long gap between posts = lots of work…  This is just a quick post of a lighting test I did the other day (thanks Huw…), with a little bit of light painting on… Continue reading

Spital Hill: A Common Thread – complete!

Following Wednesday’s post about the installation of the ‘Spital Hill: A Common Thread’ artwork (by Fabric Lenny and hansonphoto) on Saville Street in Sheffield, the install is now complete – here’s pictures from… Continue reading

Spital Hill: a common thread – up it goes…

Nearly a year on from being commissioned, the huge artwork ‘Spital Hill: A Common Thread’ is nearly complete.  Fabric Lenny and I have been working on this since spring last year, and today… Continue reading

Twenty :: Ghana

‘Twenty’ part 27 :: Ghana, 1998 ‘Twenty‘ is an occasional series marking the first twenty years of my work as a professional photographer. Up in the far north of Ghana, very close to… Continue reading

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