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I’ll take a pass…

We were with my parents this weekend, and while talking about birthdays and the Olympics, my dad dug out his original pass from the 1948 Olympic games in London – his father had… Continue reading

Another set of loos…

Don’t know why, but there’s been a few new loos recently. Here’s another: And the one from London, just in case you missed it: And one that may be gone soon…? Don’t forget… Continue reading

Eye Eye

We just had a great weekend in London with some very special people. I’ve never been on the London Eye before, so this was an extra treat of a day out. There’s a… Continue reading

Training in the rain…

So yesterday was an excellent day working with Tearfund staff, training a group of them to take better pictures.  I love doing training courses, and this was the full-on version – all day… Continue reading

In praise of St Paul’s

It’s a quiet week in terms of jobs booked, after a very busy spell.  One of the things I’ve learnt over many years of freelancing is that there are two responses (or maybe… Continue reading

Haiti: Beyond the Rubble hanging video

The exhibition ‘Haiti: Beyond the Rubble’ has it’s launch event tomorrow (Tuesday 7 June 2011), at Central Hall Westminster.  There are a couple of other posts about this on this blog… If you’ve… Continue reading

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