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Spital Hill: A Common Thread – complete!

Following Wednesday’s post about the installation of the ‘Spital Hill: A Common Thread’ artwork (by Fabric Lenny and hansonphoto) on Saville Street in Sheffield, the install is now complete – here’s pictures from… Continue reading

More Natwivity joy

Really enjoying the Natwivity (Twitter Nativity), which is being supported by Tearfund photos – very impressed with the depth of the edit, as there’s a lot of pictures appearing that I’ve not seen used… Continue reading

The twitterati celebrate the Natwivity

So, in terms of playing with the word ‘Twitter’, we’ve had some horrors (Twitterati being one), but Natwivity is a bit of a push (only really having three letters related to the word… Continue reading

Dancing in Holbeck

Here’s some out-takes from yesterday’s shoot with Lucy Hind from Slung Low for the 154 Collective performance ‘Dancing with the Orange Dog’ – there’ll be a short film from the sequences we shot… Continue reading

Count :: 71

I was working in Leeds yesterday with the 154 Collective, shooting some more stills for the ‘Dancing with the Orange Dog’ project, at the wonderful HUB venue, and found this 71 for my… Continue reading

SHU lighting workshop

Just a big thanks to all the SHU Photography BA and MA students who came along and worked so hard on my location lighting workshop during Specialist Week – looking forward to working… Continue reading

Blue two :: Shropshire

Just a late-summer’s evening picture for this Sunday evening, from our recent trip to Shropshire. Could be part of a blue themed set of pictures…     richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield… Continue reading

Count :: 15 + 91

My ongoing ‘Count‘ project draws ever closer to its ending… This week, 15 and 91 – there’s only six to go: 59, 71, 84, 92, 96, 99. Then it’ll all be over… Here,… Continue reading

On the stage

Don’t often post pictures of myself, but here are two from Greenbelt 12 of me on stage during my GTV talk.  Pics are by (and copyright to) Drew McLellan under a Creative Commons… Continue reading

154 Photography Workshop

I’ve been working with the 154 Collective in Barnsley for the past couple of months, and two weeks ago I ran a photography workshop at the Cooper Gallery. There’s a sequence of images… Continue reading

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